Due to the social distancing restrictions the official Columbia Public Schools’ Columbia Area Career Center’s Outstanding Student Ceremony, co-hosted with the University of Missouri-Operations, is posted within this page through a series of short videos. Each of the videos highlights one student and is labeled with the student’s name. We encourage you to share the videos with your friends and family. We will mail your official certificate home, along with a small gift.

We are incredibly proud of our students, teachers and their families and all the work that is accomplished in our buildings, at home, through internships and/or outside classroom experiences. We encourage you to stay connected with us. Post what you are doing online or send us a personal message. We love to keep up with you. If you do post online, remember to include the hashtag #caccbest.

Congratulations to all our Outstanding Students for the 2019-2020 academic year.

To view the winners, please click on the Youtube previews below. The winners are organized by the career pathway and then by the instructor’s last name. Congratulations Outstanding Students!

Scholarship winners and the 2019-20 montage videos are located at the bottom of the page.


Abigail Thompson
Megan Henry
Mia Garino
Loren Gilland
Noah Haskamp
Savannah Bridgeford
Kennedy Robbins
Henry Chen
Collin Riley
Kaitlyn Bailey
Evan Holliday


Nathanael Hagemeyer
Fletcher Orr
Walter Bratrud
Rachel Weber
Grant Clark
Olivia Anderson
Abigail Frerking
Elizabeth Boswell
Madeline Schrader
Joseph Barbis
Nathanael Hagemeyer – AP
Yogev Angelovici
Connor Kyle
Payton Cooper
Samantha Mackley


Charlotte Tolly
Ira Haskamp
Joseph Gard
Connor Shinn
Heather Martin
Noah Haskamp
Amelia Talken
Ethan Jordan
Mia Garino 3D
Martha Nishimwe
Jackson Obermeier
Andrew Barnes
Blake Darr
Zachary McDonald
Lucas Diggs
Kellen Clowe
John Powell
Nina Maddox
Riley Neil
Julia Albay
Steven Johnson
Amanda Arbuckle
Campbell Deneke
Marshal Horvatich
Donovan McIntyre


Sophia Bones
Hans ‘Jakob’ Wetter
Lillian ‘Lillie’ Colbert
Ashley Chipman
Ella Kruse
Joshua Kome
Karina Liu
Daniel Devine
Muzzammil Salau
Clarissa Turner
Lydia Brinkerhoff


Melissa Carranza
Rachel Riegel
Madison Polniak
Melia Winn
Meagan Moreland
Nathan Browning
Savanah Cunneen
Rachel Riegel – Culinary
Adrienne ‘Addy’ Valerio
Neaphat ‘Neo’ Phon
Anna Waters
Brady Chung


Justin Eddy
Emily Zimmerschied
Grace Parsons
Andrew Knowles
Eliana Snyder
Kyle Vidusic
Braeden Morris
Evan Diehls
Brett Huggans
Madalyn Elam
Xavier Forte
Haley Acton
Ainsley Stubbs
Kathryn Hosey
Landon Viers
Lane Story
Callie Brinkman
Hunter Acton – Floral
Alexis Bremer
Emily Abadir
Samuel Tummons
Mattie DeHaven
Logan Felten

Scholarship Winners

American Red Cross Scholarship Winners
Arden Boyer-Stephens Scholarship Winner
POE Scholarship Winners

Montage Video

Montage Video