• Outstanding Student Winners

    May 2023

The Outstanding Student Award is the highest honor CACC offers, recognizing students from each course area. Students are selected by their instructor and embody all CACC workplace expectations. CACC and our Partner-in-Education, the University of Missouri Operations Division, congratulate this year’s winners.

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#Nomination Category Outstanding Student Instructor School
3D Animation Essentials Jacob Moore Howell RBHS
3D Animation Essentials Hannah Tsai Howell HHS
3D Animation Essentials Ethan Turgeon Howell BHS
3D Modeling & Animation Kabir Bhakta Howell RBHS
Adv Animal Science Gentry Duncan Duncan RBHS
Adv Broadcast Television Shay Moloney Wittman HHS
Adv Broadcast Television Hudson Summerall Wittman RBHS
Adv CASA Lab – Aerospace Simulation Patrick Ryan Merz HHS
Adv Cert Welding Jonas Nazario Irvin HHS
Adv Civil Engineering Carolyn Ford Mann RBHS
Adv Civil Engineering Brooklyn Woodruff Mann RBHS
Adv Computer Aided Design Grant Moegling Allee HHS
Adv Computer Programming Brendan Dunne Graham RBHS
Adv Construction Tech Presten Jesse Truesdell RBHS
Adv Culinary Arts Oscar Bomgaars Rayl HHS
Adv Culinary Arts Grace Moore Minor BHS
Adv Culinary Arts Socorro Rodriguez Harlan RBHS
Adv Information Tech Joshua Simmons Froese RBHS
Adv Marketing Brock Bieske Lenz RBHS
Adv Marketing Ajith Chandrasekhar Fuenfhausen HHS
Adv Teaching Professions Kyra Thomas Greenplate RBHS
Adv Welding & Project Fabrication Adam Hopper Rahmer RBHS
Ag Mechanics & Welding Tech Hayden Duncan Duncan RBHS
Ag Mechanics & Welding Tech Cole Hartwick Praiswater BHS
Ag Mechanics & Welding Tech Hudson Murray Howell HHS
Ag Business, Communications & Leadership Charlie Hazelrigg Howell BHS
Animal & Vet Science Nora Drymalski Praiswater BHS
Animal & Vet Science Maizie McMenamy Howell HHS
Animal & Vet Science Lauren Scott Duncan RBHS
AP Computer Science A Tyson Francis Sasser HHS
AP Computer Science A Noah Zheng Graham HHS
AP Computer Science Principles Mika Angelovici Sasser RBHS
AP Computer Science Principles Jillian Lybeck-Brown Sasser RBHS
Automotive Technologies Carrie Antimi Monroe HHS
Baking & Pastry Amelie Crane Frink RBHS
Broadcast Television Lillian Fei Wittman HHS
CASA Lab – Aerospace Simulation Gabriel Palmer Merz HHS
Cert Welding Dayton Dietzel Monroe HHS
Cert Welding Jesse Ott Irvin RBHS
Cert Welding Mary Young Monroe HHS
Computer Aided Design Quinten Maland Allee HHS
Computer Programming John Linford Graham RBHS
Computer Programming Andrew Trask Graham Home School
Construction Tech Mason Perkins Truesdell RBHS
Culinary Arts Alyssa Bailey Harlan RBHS
Culinary Arts Sydney Bliss Frink RBHS
Culinary Arts Joshua ‘Blake’ Hall Minor BHS
Culinary Arts Nicholas Highman Minor BHS
Culinary Arts Elijah Schuetz Rayl HHS
Culinary Arts Aimarie Zapien-Patterson Rayl HHS
Digital Media Emily Christian Wade BHS
Digital Media Carina Hawks Deneke HHS
Digital Media Brecken Hummel Sasser RBHS
Digital Media Isabella Snell Morrow Home School
Digital Media Studio Hannah Tsai Cochran HHS
Nomination Category Outstanding Student Instructor School
Greenhouse Production Alexander King DeHaven RBHS
Greenhouse Production Brooke Novinger Rahmer RBHS
Greenhouse Production James Schulz Rodekohr RBHS
Information Tech Vincent Brechmacher Froese RBHS
Introduction to Plant Science & Greenhouse Em Phelps DeHaven RBHS
Introduction to Plant Science & Greenhouse Natalie Shea Praiswater BHS
IT Essentials Adam Farmer Brumfield RBHS
Law Enforcement Miles Schroeder Kennemore Father Tolton Catholic High School
Marketing Madison Barnhart Lenz HHS
Marketing James Pitzer Fuenfhausen RBHS
Marketing Zander Stephens Lenz BHS
Marketing Meredith Stone Lenz HHS
Marketing Evan Wade Fuenfhausen RBHS
Natural Resources & Wildlife Conservation Hudson Murray Rahmer HHS
Natural Resources & Wildlife Conservation Lauren Scott Rodekohr RBHS
PLTW – Biomedical Innovation Anna Christ Roberson RBHS
PLTW – Civil Engineering & Architecture Hiram ‘Scott’ Jamison Mann RBHS
PLTW – Digital Electronics Camden Fallon Merz BHS
PLTW – Engineering Design & Development Mary Elizabeth Smith Allee RBHS
PLTW – Human Body Systems Rowan Arant Zolkowski HHS
PLTW – Human Body Systems Adler Sicht Roberson RBHS
PLTW – Human Body Systems Henley Tarwater Hayes BHS
PLTW – Introduction to Engineering Design Keaton Hall Bessette RBHS
PLTW – Introduction to Engineering Design Emma Powell Bessette RBHS
PLTW – Introduction to Engineering Design Morgan Sheaffer Bessette BHS
PLTW – Medical Interventions Saatvika ‘Savy’ Nistala Roberson RBHS
PLTW – Principles of Biomedical Science Claudia Hand Hayes BHS
PLTW – Principles of Biomedical Science Luseane Kava Zolkowski RBHS
PLTW – Principles of Biomedical Science Esupat Mollel Zolkowski HHS
PLTW – Principles of Biomedical Science Olivery Ni Hayes RBHS
PLTW – Principles of Engineering Marcus Stevens Merz HHS
PLTW – Robotics & Computer Integrated Manufacturing Kaiba Hall Bessette RBHS
Professions in Healthcare Emily Dampier Hughes RBHS
Professions in Healthcare Margaret Primus Riley RBHS
Small Engine Tech Kaela Belmore Praiswater BHS
Small Engine Tech Arthur Erb Howell HHS
Small Engine Tech Lane Kelsey Rahmer RBHS
Teaching Professions Taylor Graham Greenplate HHS
Teaching Professions Jacei Roland Greenplate BHS