New! Law Enforcement – 9266

Grade: 11, 12 Credits: 2 Type: Practical Art
School: CACC

This course examines the history of policing in the United States and an overview of the relationship between law enforcement and society. It includes an examination of the duties of law enforcement officers, operations of police agencies, community relations, police subculture and the need to conform to constitutional procedures. Students will also examine the development and function of the criminal justice system and the interrelationships between the police, courts, juvenile and corrections systems.

This course includes hands-on application experiences including, but not limited to vehicle stops, traffic enforcement, patrol tactics, evidence collection and handling, pedestrian checks, bias crimes and other investigative work. When appropriate, students will dress-out in athletic wear to participate in physical training, as the law enforcement field is physically demanding.

After completing this course, students may pursue immediate employment or continue education in careers related to crime scene investigation, law enforcement, forensic science, corrections, private security or legal studies. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in SkillsUSA.