Intro to Emergency Services – 9264

Grade Level: 11,12 Credit: 1 Type: Practical Art 

School: CACC

This beginning course prepares students to assist in the treatment of critical and noncritical patients requiring Emergency Medical Services. The curriculum meets the National Registry requirements for Emergency Medical Responder. This course includes advanced anatomy and physiology. Students will develop a strong foundational medical knowledge required for medical care providers. Areas of patient care include communicable diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, childbirth and physical/sexual assault. Students can earn their CPR certification, gain the ability to conduct patient assessments, explore career pathways in EMS and general healthcare and learn how to overcome relevant medical and ethical dilemmas. Students will qualify to take the Emergency Medical Responder exam after completing the course and also have the opportunity to become a certified Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR provider for the American Heart Association. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in HOSA or SkillsUSA.

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