Advanced Emergency Services – 9265

This course is for students who completed Intro to Emergency Services and wish to complete their EMS education. Get ready to be in the back of an ambulance helping real patients! With a strong foundation of medical knowledge from the previous year, be ready to continue to learn more advanced medical procedures and start clinicals. By the end of this course, be eligible to take the national registry test in order to apply for a Missouri State License as an Emergency Medical Technician, be credentialed as an emergency telecommunicator and credentialed electrocardiogram technician. After taking this class, you have the potential to be an emergency medical technician, dispatcher or EKG technician!

Grades and Credits

Grades: 12 — Credits: 2    Type: Practical Art

Related Courses

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic; students will need strong reading skills due to the postsecondary-level of the content


Family Care Safety Registry check (social security number needed for FCSR check); influenza vaccine, drug test, discipline review for violence, insubordination, drugs and stealing. Preference is given to students with a record of strong attendance patterns. Successful completion of Intro to Emergency Services. Age 18 within six months of completion of the course.