Computer Aided Design 1 – 9601

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Type: Practical Art

School: BHS, CACC, HHS

CAD 1 will develop your mechanical engineering design skills, 3D modeling, architectural home design and 3D visualization. Learn to use 3D Printers, and print in resin and abs/carbon fiber. You will utilize the latest software programs, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Architectural Desktop, Revit and 3D Studio Max. Areas of study include 2D and 3D mechanical model design, architecture 2D and 3D design and 3D visualization rendering. All students will develop a portfolio of traditional prints, advanced 3D designs, and renderings. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in SkillsUSA.

Recommended: C or better average in Algebra 1

College dual credit: may be available