Certified Welding 1 – 9451

Certified Welding 1 is a course for students with little or no welding experience. Students will explore the field of welding, employment opportunities, workplace protocols and the physics of welds. Students will complete research reports, and textbook study followed by industry-standard testing. Weekly students will research and submit vocabulary (term-of-the-week) acquisition papers. Students will weld on a plate in various positions, and submit weld coupons for non-destructive testing. The course will include weekly visual tests (NDT-VT) and weld evaluations; acceptance and scoring will be based on professional criteria. Students will keep records and daily logs on the welding progress. To be successful, students need a good foundation in math, science and literacy. Approved work clothes and shoes are a requirement.

Grades and Credits

Grades: 10, 11, 12 — Credits: 2 Type: Practical Art

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