Marketing – 9301

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Type: Practical Art 

School: BHS, CACC, HHS

Marketing is a writing-intensive, project-based class that introduces you to the exciting marketing industry. According to the US Department of Labor, job growth in Advertising, Promotions and Marketing is projected to grow 10% over the next ten years. You will learn principles, skills and attitudes essential to marketing by working with a comprehensive set of concepts and problems applicable to today’s industries. This class focuses on the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, communication, economics, product development, sales promotion, packaging and distribution. Marketing is a must for anyone thinking about a business-based career. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in DECA.

Related: Digital Media, Broadcast TV

College dual credit: may be available

Enrollment Note: Course enrollment will begin with the 10th, followed by the 11th and 12th grades, respectively.