AP Computer Science Principles – 9674

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Type: Practical Art or this class can count toward your third math or science credit 

School: BHS, CACC, HHS

AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to the central ideas of computer science. Students will develop computational thinking skills vital for success across all disciplines, such as using computational tools to analyze and study data and working with large data sets to analyze, visualize and draw conclusions from trends. Students are encouraged to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts and to think creatively while using computer software and other technology to explore questions that interest them. They will also develop effective communication and collaboration skills, working individually and collaboratively to solve problems and discussing and writing about the importance of these problems and the impacts on their community, society and the world. The course is equivalent to a first-semester introductory college computer science course. The course will prepare students for the AP Computer Science Principles exam. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in SkillsUSA.

Recommended: Successful completion of Algebra 1 with a strong foundation in basic algebraic concepts dealing with function notation, such as f(x) = x + 2, and problem-solving strategies that require multiple approaches and collaborative efforts. Students should also know how to use a Cartesian (x,y) coordinate system to represent a plane’s points.

College dual credit: may be available