Advanced C++ Programming – 9162

Grade Level: 11, 12 Credit: 1 Type: Practical Art or this class can count toward your third math or science credit 

School: CACC

Prerequisite: C or better average in C++ Programming or AP Computer Science A 

Once you’ve completed C++ or AP Computer Science A, you’re ready to step up your skillset and develop a deeper understanding of the language and learn advanced techniques. You’ll create, select and implement algorithms and data structures to produce more complex programs. A focus on teamwork and abstract thinking allow students to cover more significant projects in less time. Students will develop real-world simulators such as an ATM and an elevator. Teams will work on system design, such as desktop application software. Every student will have an opportunity to advance personal and professional skills through participation in SkillsUSA.

College dual credit: may be available

Articulated college credit: may be available