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Summer Camps


Acting Up!
Instructors: Emily Adams & Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri, CACC 100
June 9-13 M-F 8-11:30AM
Write and perform your own show in collaboration with your peers. This theatre intensive camp will teach you the basics of acting, improvisation, writing for the stage and directing, culminating in a short performance at the end of the week. (Ages 10-15)

Camp Rescue:
Firefighter & EMT
Instructor: Bobby Horn, CACC 150
June 9-13 M-F 12:30-4PM
As a cadet in Camp Rescue, you will participate in numerous hands-on activities to give you a taste of Emergency Response careers. Campers will be introduced to the world of firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians and other emergency responders. A look into field operations, law, public relations and crisis planning will be included. (Ages 10-15)

Ice Cream Tycoonice cream graphic
Instructor: Pete Eicholz, CACC 142
June 9-13 M-F 8-11:30AM
You have just been hired to design your own ice cream flavor then tell the world about your masterpiece. How will you make it? What will you name it? How will you sell it? Will you be able to make the best? Learn all about the ins and outs of selling and marketing in this camp, plus sample tons of ice cream flavors while coming up with a few of your own! (Ages 10-15)

Next Top Chef:
American Road Trip
Instructor: Chef Michael Keene, RBHS 102
June 9-13 M-F 8-11:30AM
Time to burn some asphalt and enjoy the best of what America has to offer in its roadside and boardwalk restaurants, from Maine’s lobster shacks to California’s taco trucks. Your roadmap is all the regional specialties you’ll make in this class which is also your recipe packet. Campers must wear closed toe shoes. (Ages 11-15)

Art Exploration
Instructor: Kellie Wallace, CACC 175
June 9-13 M-F 12:30-4PM
Spend a week immersed in art!  We will “dip our feet” into a different art medium each day:  pencil, pastels, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic and clay. You will be presented with your own supply kit for each medium and have these materials to bring home. (Ages 10-15)

como girls rock 1COMO Girls ROCK!
Directors: Luci Cook, Leola David,
Amanda Rainey, CACC 173
June 9-13 M-F 9AM- 5PM
Showcase 6/14 at Blue Note, Time TBD
$229, includes lunch
CoMo Girls Rock! is dedicated to empowering girls through creative expression, musical exploration and performance. Campers will receive instrument lessons, attend workshops, form bands and write a song together. Camp will end on Saturday at a showcase featuring a performance. Beginners, novices, virtuosos and everything in between are welcome. Applications are required and available at the CACC or online. Applications are due to Rm 147 at the Columbia Area Career Center by May 1st. Please contact with questions. (Ages 12-18)

CoMo Girls Rock camp application - 2014 CoMo Girls Rock! NEW Application


Webify Yourself
Instructor: Patrick Sasser, CACC 117
June 9-13 M-F 8-11:30AM
Learn how the web works and create your own web page. Design your own personal website or one for your family. Blog your thoughts for others to read. Add spice with layouts, graphics and animation. (Ages 11-14)

From the Ground Up
Instructor: Jo Ann Carpenter, CACC Greenhouse
June 16-20 M-F 8-11:30AM
Get connected to nature from the ground up! Learn where your food comes from, how to grow and harvest it, then taste test a variety of locally grown foods. Campers will bring mother earth home daily through hands-on crafts like terrariums, hanging baskets and container gardening. (Ages 10-15)

Flower Power
Instructor: Leana Fitzgerald, CACC Greenhouse
June 16-20 M-F 12:30-4PM
Learn the tips and tricks of floral design. Each day you will explore flowers, elements of design and proper care of arrangements. Leave each day with an arrangement to take home! Fee includes all materials. (Ages 10-15)

Digital Cartoon Animation
Instructor: Patrick Sasser, CACC 117
June 16-20 M-F 8-11:30AM #14SY205 $139
Harness the power of Adobe Flash to create computer-generated animated cartoons. Design characters and backgrounds while learning storyboarding techniques, as well as frame-by-frame animation. (Ages 11-14)

Creating Art:
A Process of Discovery
Instructor: Fran Lakatos, CACC 173
June 16-20 M-F 8-11:30AM
This camp is for the artistically spirited youth who wants to develop their expressive art skills. Join an enthusiastic veteran art teacher as you draw, paint and explore color in this adventure in self-expression. See yourself as extraordinary! Students will have an art show to display their work at the end of camp. (Ages 10-15)

Iron Art
Instructor: Mike Kilfoil, CACC 105
June 16-20 M-F 8-11:30AM

Build and take home iron art for your yard, garden or anywhere you choose! This class involves welding, cutting and other industrial processes. Campers must wear closed toe shoes. (Ages 11-15)

Instructor: Jim Helmick, Rm 177
June 23-27 M-F 8-11:30AM
What do you know about robots? Learn the basics of robotics programming, sensors and actuators using Lego Mindstorms robots. Practice instructing your robot to travel mazes and solve problems. (Ages 10-15)

Start Your Engines
Instructor: Mike Kilfoil, CACC 106
June 23-27 M-F 12:30-4PM
Crank it up! Tune it up! Rev it up! Explore internal parts of engines, learn about engine sizes, compression ratios, seasoning an engine and safety issues. Campers must wear closed toe shoes. (Ages 11-15)

jr chef smilingNext Top Chef: European Cuisine
Instructor: Chef Michael Keene, RBHS 102
June 23-27 M-F 12:30-4PM
Come join us for a culinary tour around Europe!Develop a better understanding of foods, traditions and customs of other cultures through the preparation of a variety of regional and cultural foods from all over Europe. Campers must wear closed toe shoes. (Ages 11-15)

Broadcasting 101
Instructor: Joe Wittman, CACC 115
June 23-27 M-F 8-11:30AM
In this hands-on experience, students will spend five exciting days at the CACC studios creating video news stories. Participants will learn all aspects of the video news production experience: interviewing, writing, shooting and editing video, and more! (Ages 10-15)

Minecrafter Camp
Instructor: Patrick Sasser, CACC 117
July 7-11 M-F 8-11:30AM
Use key educational concepts all through the game of Minecraft. Students will work together in the Minecraft environment to problem solve, collaborate closely and integrate multiple core concepts like writing, math and science. If you can imagine it, you can build it. (Ages 11-14)

Perform like a Star: Audition Techniques

Instructors: Emily Adams & Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri, CACC 173
July 7-11 M-F 8-11:30AM
Write and perform your own show in collaboration with your peers. This theatre intensive camp will teach you the basics of acting, improvisation, writing for the stage and directing, culminating in a short performance at the end of the week. (Ages 10-15)

Recording Rockstars
Instructors: James Adams & Brad Jenkins, CACC 142
July 7-11 M-F 8-11:30AM
Learn alongside professional musicians to write your own song during this fun, interactive music workshop. You and your peers will look at composition, writing lyrics and how to market your music. The last day of class you will get to record your song and cut your first CD!
(Ages 10-15)

Speed Racer: Build Your Own
Instructor: Robert Ndessokia, TTC
July 7-11 M-F 12:30-4PM
Who wouldn’t want to build and drive their own go-cart? In this camp you will design, build, test and race your own go-cart. You will even get to compete in a downhill race for family and friends! Don’t miss out on this amazing and exciting camp! (Ages 10-14)

Rube Goldberg
Engineering Design Camp
Instructor: Ibrahim Khaleel,
CACC 175/177
July 7-11 M-F 8-11:30AM
Do the simplest tasks in the most complex ways in this wacky camp. What contraption will you develop? Cooperate to build a working Rube Goldberg-like mouse trap, or create your own crazy gadget! (Ages 11-14)

Instructor: Ibrahim Khaleel, CACC 175/177
July 7-11 M-F 12:30-4PM
Are you interested in robots and their uses in our lives? Do you want to build your own robot that will do your tasks? This fun-filled and hands-on camp will keep you building and programming NXT robots. You may even have bot to bot competitions! Robots utilized in camp are the property of CPS, and will not go home with campers. (Ages 11-14)

Make A Music Video
Instructor: Kyle Willcoxon, CACC 145
July 14-18 M-F 8-11:30AM
Make a music video using professional grade HD video cameras. Campers will share ideas, collaborate with others and perform in the video that is completely from their imagination. Don’t miss the opportunity for this fun and unique summer camp! (Ages 11-15)

Magazine Editor
Instructor: Kyle Willcoxon, CACC 117
July 14-18 M-F 12:30-4PM
Design your own editorial spread and let your imagination take over. Learn how to create a magazine, layout articles and design graphics. Make a magazine that will be sent to print and mailed home. (Ages 11-15)

Animal Adventures
Instructor: Meredith Thornton, CACC 124
July 14-18 M-F 8-11:30AM
Have a fun filled week learning about animals. Visit a dairy farm and practice making ice cream, tour the Animal Hospital at the University of Missouri and learn how both small and large animals are treated. Check out the University’s meat lab and uncover how to judge good cuts of meat, then whip up your own jerky and sausage. Trips to horse, cattle and sheep farms will expose you to more ways to care for horses, cattle, sheep and chickens. (Ages 10-14)

Exploring Digital
Instructor: Lori Korschgen, CACC 116
July 14-18 M-F 8-11:30AM
Express your creativity in pictures! Learn how to manipulate your photos in the “digital darkroom” with photo editing software and create your own digital photo album. Don’t forget your camera! (Ages 10-15)

Solid Fuel Rockets
Instructor: Ibrahim Khaleel, CACC 140
July 14-18 M-F 12:30-4PM
Believe it or not rockets have been around for about two thousand years! As far back as the 11th century the Chinese were using them in military strategy. Learn the secrets to building your own model rocket from scratch, then on launch day have fun watching it soar through the sky. (Ages 10-15)

MED School
Instructor: Karen Hirst, CACC 120
July 14-18 M-F 8-11:30AM
Take a tour inside the human body. From the smallest cells to the major organ systems, this camp will help you discover how the body works. Students will conduct health-related experiments using the scientific method. Be prepared to experience things like how food is digested. We will also look at various medical professions. Join us for a week of exploration inside the human body.
(Ages 11-14)

Construct Your Dream Home
Instructor: Ibrahim Khaleel, CACC 140
July 14-18 M-F 8-11:30AM
Do you have a dream house in mind? Spend a week combining your ideas with interactive architectural software to develop a floor plan, then build a model of your dream home. (Ages 10-14)

Fun with Sign Language
Instructor: Tessi & Cory Rickabaugh, CACC 100
July 21-25 M-F 12:30-4PM
Want to know a language that doesn’t require any noise? Are you interested in learning how to perform music in sign language? This is the camp for you! We will learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL), including conversation, music, drama, jokes and games! (Ages 10-15)

Creative Collage Camp
Instructor: Lisa Lenoir, CACC 151
July 21-25 M-F 8-11:30AM
Are you a poet, storyteller, photographer or an artist? Unlock your creative side with a series of written and visual projects to feature your unique thoughts. Campers will have an art show to display their work on the last day of camp. (Ages 10-15)

The Fashion Blogger
Instructor: Lisa Lenoir, CACC 177
July 21-25 M-F 12:30-4PM
If you like fashion, taking pictures and writing, then this class is for you! Learn key writing, interviewing and technical skills to start your own fashion blog, taught by Lisa D. Lenoir, a former fashion editor for a major national publication. (Ages 10-15)

project runwayProject Runway
Instructor: Molly Akin & Amy Parris,  CACC 173
July 21-25 M-F 12:30-4PM
Learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry by putting together your own runway show! Create mood boards, learn handsewing techniques used by the most famous designers and then put it all together as you walk the catwalk for friends and family on the last day of camp. (Ages 10-15)




CSI: Following the
Evidence Trail
Instructor: Misty Brawner, CACC 164
July 21-25 M-F 8-11:30AM
Come investigate our mock crime scene and see if you can answer the question “Who did it?”. Practice the procedures for collecting, documenting and processing evidence. You will analyze hair, examine traces of fibers and compare fingerprints. See if you can find the clues and patterns to solve the mystery. (Ages 11-15)

Instructor: Chef Michael Keene,
RBHS 102
July 21-25 M-F 8-11:30AM
Take the challenge! Turn a mystery basket of ingredients into a complete dish to be judged on creativity, presentation and taste. Campers will play chef, judge and host to determine who has the best dish every class period. Plan and execute your dish in the allotted time period…or get CHOPPED!
(Ages 11-15)


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