Sarah Stannard 2016 Missouri St. Louis & Southern Illinois Competition Runner-Up

Sarah Stannard is being recognized for her computing-related aspirations and for her demonstrated, outstanding aptitude and interest in information technology/computing; solid leadership ability; good academic history; and plans for post-secondary education. She is one of almost 2,100 young women who is an Affiliate Award recipient this season!

Sarah Stannard was born in a small town in Alabama. She then moved to the larger city of Birmingham. Years later she moved to another small-town, Columbia, Missouri. Entering high school, Sarah was worried about what classes to take she didn't really know what she was interested. But then she started to take Digital Media classes at Columbia Area Career Center. These classes allowed her to expand on her abilities. Soon she was creating posters and Web sites. Today she still loves working in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and all Adobe programs. One of her best Projects has been to make dynamic and interesting posters. In the future, Sarah plans to use the skills she has learned in her Digital Media classes to help her impact the world. She hopes to be able to take her skills to the University of Missouri and learn how to create more posters, logos, ads or videos in order to raise awareness of problems around the world and use these skills to make the world a better place. One pixel and vector at a time.