Columbia Area Career Center Youth Camps

It’s never too early to begin career readiness. Every summer Columbia Area Career Center is transformed into a world of exploration and discovery for a slightly younger audience. The majority of camps offered are for youth 10-14 years of age. Camps come in a wide-variety of interests, including, music, acting, firefighting, culinary, computer science and engineering—just to name a few.

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Camp registration will be available April 4, 2017.

Camps will be offered the following weeks:
June 12-16, 2017
June 19-23, 2017
June 26-30, 2017
July 10-14, 2017
July 17-21, 2017
July 24-28, 2017

A camp t-shirt can only be guaranteed if a student registers no later than May 15, 2017.

2017 Summer Youth Camp Scholarships are available through Day Dreams Foundation.

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For questions, please contact Day Dreams Foundation directly—
200 E. Walnut St., Suite #4 | Columbia, MO 65203

Applications may be submitted for scholarships for a wide variety of extracurricular activities, from sports leagues,  summer camps and dance lessons. You may also apply for funding for equipment (uniforms, shoes, items, etc.) that the child will need to participate in the activity. The maximum amount of funding available per child, per calendar-year is $500. This will reset on January 1. That includes any funding requested for equipment. Please submit applications and have the child’s letter of recommendation sent in AT LEAST two weeks prior to the date the requested funds are due by. Our board of directors, which reviews scholarships, meets every other Monday. IF approved, a board member will then set up a meeting with the family (parent AND child) to go over our agreement, photo waiver and present you with the scholarship funds. This will also be the time when the other required forms (listed below) will be due.


1. Child must be age 18 or younger (college students not eligible).

2. Child must qualify for the free OR reduced lunch program at school.

3. Family must live in the Columbia school district.

Application Requirements

  • Fill out the application, available to download HERE. Also, available to fill out online HERE.
  • Provide at least ONE letter of recommendation for the child from a non-family member. The best letters typically come from teachers, coaches, counselors, school administrators, case workers, etc. This can be submitted by mail or email to
  • Write a 250-word letter answering the following questions (this can also be submitted to the email above):
    1. Why do you think your child would benefit from the activity you are applying for a scholarship for. Be specific.
    2. Have the child describe his/her dream to you. What do they want to do in the future? Why do they want to participate in the activity?
    3. Tell us a bit about your family.
    4. Tell us a little bit about the child’s academics. Does he/she do well in school? What is his/her favorite subject?
    5. Tell us about the child’s behavior at home and school.
    6. Tell us a little about your family’s current financial situation that led you to apply for a Day Dreams Foundation scholarship. Are you employed? Out of work? Any changes to your recent finances?

Other Requirements

If the application is approved, parent/guardian will need to provide the following at a meeting with a Day Dreams Foundation representative:

  • Copy of letter/form from the child’s school indicating child qualifies for free or reduced lunch at school. Or you can provide proof of all family income.
  • Copy of birth certificate or any form listing the child’s date of birth to verify age.
  • Completed registration form for the extracurricular of the child’s choice.

Community Service Requirements

Children in the program will also be required to complete community service hours, based on their age. Opportunities will be made available by the Day Dreams Foundation, or the child can choose their own service project.

Community Service Hours requirements are as follows:

  • Ages 8 and under: 1 hour per month on scholarship
  • Ages 9-12: 2 hours per month on scholarship
  • Ages 13-15: 3 hours per month on scholarship
  • Ages 16-18: 4 hours per month on scholarship

For questions, please contact Day Dreams Foundation directly—
200 E. Walnut St., Suite #4 | Columbia, MO 65203


Please check back for any applications on or after April 1, 2017 for our 2017 summer youth camps.