Laser Technology - 9700

Grade: 10, 11, 12 — Credits: 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of lasers. In this program, students will learn about one of the most important fields of science. Laser are multifaceted and encompass many different workforce applications. Explore how light works in relation to fiber optics and manufacturing. Learn the basic functions of lasers to create holograms and engrave different materials. Laser technicians are in extremely high demand with salaries averaging around $50,000 per year. Laser Technology is the first in a series of three college-level programs that will transfer 12 credit hours to Indian Hills Community College. All credit will apply toward a laser technician degree. Get ready to have fun using lasers of many colors and applications.

Prerequisites: None
Related: PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design, PLTW Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing and PLTW Digital Electronics
Dual Credit: No
Articulated Credit: Yes