Construction and Contracting 2 - 9502

Grade: 11, 12 — Credits: 2

Construction and Contracting 2 is taking things to the next level. Building on previous knowledge and skills  from C & C 1, students will take construction full scale. Students will build a small model home that will reinforce the basic skills and add new, more challenging skills like stair building, floor and roof construction, exterior finishes, window and door installation, interior finishes and if time allows, basic electrical and plumbing.  Along the way, students will learn to estimate materials, track profit and loss to better understand basic contracting principles. A grade of C or better in C & C 2 is required to move on to Construction and Contracting 3.  Approved footwear and clothing will be required.

Syllabus: View Syllabus
Prerequisites: C or better average in Intro to Construction or Construction and Contracting 1
Related: Construction and Contracting 1
Recommended: Passing grade both semesters in Algebra 1 and record of strong attendance patterns
Dual Credit: No
Articulated Credit: Yes