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Columbia Area Career Center
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The Columbia Area Career Center’s Adult Learning Center will help you obtain your high school equivalency certificate. Whether you dream of a better job, going to college, buying a house, or giving your kids the best that life has to offer, this is the first step to making that happen. Our teachers and staff want you to be successful, they want you to follow your dreams, they want you to stand on the shoulders of giants.

“The thing always happens that you really believe in, and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”
–Frank Lloyd Wright

Have you ever…

  • Had a teacher, parent or somebody else tell you that school is just not for you and that you should probably go ahead and just get a job?
  • Had friends tell you, “Man, school is not cool. You can’t get respect from going to school.”?
  • Been involved with drugs, alcohol or gangs and they stopped you from being you, from making something of your life?
  • Been so busy with kids, work and bills and trying to make ends meet?
  • Quit school, because you’re different and nobody understands?
  • Quit school, because you feel you don’t have enough freedom and you’re not being treated like an adult?
  • Felt down and discouraged, because life is too hard?

Our classes are free and open to the public.

In our adult education and reading enrichment classes, you can improve on these:

  • Reading–read to understand and use the information to your benefit
  • Writing–sentences, punctuation, paragraphs, essays
  • Math–the basics, Algebra, Geometry, word problems, and fractions
  • Communication–effective ways to say what you mean, get what you want, and listen to others
  • Critical Thinking–taking information, thinking about it and forming an opinion or idea
  • Problem Solving–making good, reasonable choices that benefit not only you but also others
  • Life Skills–things you need to know to improve your life
  • GED Preparation–learn and practice for your diploma

For information about classes, stop by Douglass High School Building and enter on the north end. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm., Rm 113. If you have any questions, email us at, or call 573-214-3690.

The ALC is part of Columbia Public Schools and is funded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Adult Learning Center’s English Language Institute also accepts donations from businesses, organizations and private individuals.

Please send donations to:

Adult Learning Center
310 North Providence Road
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: 573-214-3690
Fax: 573-214-3691

If you have any questions about the program, you can contact us directly by phone or email. Thank you for your support in continuing adult education.

Classes available:

GED Classes

Douglass High School – 310 N. Providence Rd., Columbia, 65203

  • 8:30 – 11:30 am Monday – Friday
  • 9:00 – NOON Monday – Friday
  • 12:00 – 3:00 pm Monday – Friday
  • 5:00 – 7:30 pm Monday – Thursday
  • 6:00 – 9:00 pm Monday – Thursday

Resource Center – 1500 Vandiver Dr., Columbia, 65202

  • 9:00 – NOON Monday – Friday
  • 1:00 – 4:00 pm Monday – Thursday

Centralia Middle School – 110 N. Jefferson St., Centralia, 65240

  • 6:00 – 8:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday

Fayette High School – 510 N. Cleveland, Fayette, 65248

  • 5:30 – 8:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday

United Methodist Church – 122 Promenade, Mexico, 65265

  • 8:00 – 11:00 am Monday & Tuesday

Advanced Technology Center – 2900 Doreli Ln., Mexico, 65265

  • 5:00 – 8:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday


Reading Enrichment Classes

Douglass High School – 310 N. Providence Rd., Columbia, 65203

  • NOON – 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • 5:00 – 8:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Columbia Area Career Center is accredited as a postsecondary  institution by the Council on Occupational Education. Columbia Area Career Center | 4203 S. Providence Road | Columbia, MO 65203 | Phone 573.214.3800 | Fax 573.214.3801 Columbia Area Career Center is accredited as a postsecondary institution by the Council on Occupational Education.
  • The Columbia Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, or use of leave protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act, in its programs, activities, or with regard to employment. The Columbia Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer.

    Columbia Area Career Center is committed to providing equal access educational opportunities for students with disabilities covered under The Americas with Disabilities Act. The objectives are to ensure that students with disabilities function adequately and without discrimination in all aspects of the educational experience. Accessible facilities are available at all training locations. Students with documented disabilities who would like to inquire about the availability of reasonable academic and/or other program related accommodations should contact the Section 504 Liaison, 214-3800 ext. 29401